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WCS Planning Mode


We've been using Ekahau Site Survey to plan and extend our wifi infrastructure.

Comparing WCS and Ekahua on some installs, WCS seems to want probably couple more APs.

My question is,

     When using WCS to plan the installation / extend existing network does it take in to account the other APs on the same heat map/ building plan?



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WCS Planning Mode

Of course it does but on same floor plan. If there are some APs in other floor plan on same building those are not counted on the calculations.

But the planning mode is approximage. you have to put the barriers in place (walls; thick and light, cubicles...etc). Those may not reflect the actual barriers in place 100%. Hence there is a difference between what the mode shows and the actual installaion.

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WCS Planning Mode

Thanks for your reply,

Just to clarify as the reply seems to contradicts it self, it does take in to account the APs but not on the same floor plan.

So for example a building with 3 levels, if there is existing total wireless coverage on level 2, but only 1 ap on level 3.

Performing a planning mode for level 1 doesn't take in to account level 2 above.?

Also level 3 want to add more, doesn't take in to account level 2 and the 1 on level 3?


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