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WCS Report - Rogues on Wired LAN

Each WLC on our network shows "Rogues on Wired Network" from the Summary screen, however, checking these can be time consuming due to the number of WLC's in the network.

All of the WLC's are connected to a WCS so I was wondering whether a report for "Rogues on Wired Network" is available on the WCS??

I've spent a while looking around the WCS but can't find this information.

Any help that would make checking this easier greatfully recevied...


Re: WCS Report - Rogues on Wired LAN

there is the switchport trace feature in WCS 6.0 that enables you to find on what switchport is connected the rogue ap. That is the way to find wireless rogues on the wired network

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Re: WCS Report - Rogues on Wired LAN

Thanks. Unfortunately I only have WCS 4.1.

Is there a way to trace the rogues using this version?

Re: WCS Report - Rogues on Wired LAN

Unfortunately no. The feature works quite well only since WCS 6.0.

If you have a WCS 4.1 you may be able to update to 5.2 or 6.0 as licensing should be the same. Check with your sales team.

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