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?WCS/rhel4es: Allocating disk space/paritions

Dear All,

Currently I have wcs 4.1.9 licensed for 50 AP's with a pair of wlc 4402-50s.

I expect to ramp up to about 50 AP's over the next six months.

I plan to build a rhel4es server to host the wcs. I can find only very sparse

documentation describing the wcs directory structure.

Can anybody point me to this?

I gather that the wcs resides under /opt/<wcs>. Does this include the active

database for wlc/ap configuration and performance data, as well as, backup?

Should I create seperate filesystem mount points for any of the subdirectory



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Re: ?WCS/rhel4es: Allocating disk space/paritions

I found this unanswered thread by using the search-function. I was searching for exactly the same...

Any idea what to expect when installing WCS? I would like to put the directories (wcs install, ftp, tftp) into seperate partitions, but which data goes into what directory? (backups, configs, ...)

The manual is very unspecific about that, only stating a general minimum "free disk space".

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Re: ?WCS/rhel4es: Allocating disk space/paritions

Hi, Johannes,

As you can see I did not get a response.

I ran into a problem with the scsi raid and wound up doing a quick and dirty install using an internal 80Gb SATA with just a boot and root partitions.

I'm running my AP's autonmously and have not had to depend on the WCS.

For what its worth I have attached the du -sk output for all the directories under /opt/


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Re: ?WCS/rhel4es: Allocating disk space/paritions

My apologies to you and Kepler for mangling your names.

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Re: ?WCS/rhel4es: Allocating disk space/paritions

no problem ;-) It is always funny with that name, the best thing ever happend was a domain registry that required for a domain change the signature of Johannes Kepler...

Thanks, this output helps a little bit. But reading the installation manual shows, that there are also directorys "ftp" and "tftp" (outside the main wcs folder) - is this used for backups and software? how much space would someone need there? (For instance, when the manual states 80GB free disk space required, would 40GB for /wcs and 40GB for tftp/ftp be sufficient?

Somebody who could look this up in his installation? (also applies to windows, not only to linux... the directorys should be the same)

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