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WCS, Syslog and problem with roaming


I have a problem.

My network - build on WLC 4402 with LAP 1242.

Some clients have problem with connect to network - 2 or 3 time in day - for 5-10 minutes.

I think that cause by client see 3 LAP with good signal-strength and try to roam from one AP to other and back.

I try to use WCS or syslog for see what is going on.

But when used *debug clients MAC* or *debug dot11 all enable * - I can't see on syslog any message about roaming. Only message about rouge ap and other.

used on WLC log option *debug and kernel* and *debug and User Process*.

On WCS I can't see - any message about roaming to.

Somebody know what can i do - to solve my problem?

Thank you.


Re: WCS, Syslog and problem with roaming

It's actually possible that your Radio Resource Management (RRM) feature is dropping your clients now and again. RRM does a channel/power scan every 10 minutes by default, and I've personally seen this drop clients.

I think that the best practice here is to disable RRM automatic scans, and implement them manually as needed.

To change this, go to: Wireless tab -> 802.11b/g/n (on the left) -> RRM -> Auto RF. Switch both power and channel scan to "On Demand", and the button should become available for clicking. Just be sure to do this somewhat regularly to ensure that the wireless network stays optimized. How often you do this is up to you.

Repeat for 802.11a/n if needed.

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