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WDS performance on an AP

I need to setup an 802.11a WLAN and I am considering using Aironet access points. I have a question that doesn?t seem to be addressed in the data sheets.

The proposed network consists of 20 radio access points and 1 access point with a disabled radio interface to implement WDS for layer 2 roaming. The data sheets indicate that WDS in an AP should be able to support 60 access points. This is well under my maximum. My problem is there will be about 150 clients that will quickly move between access points in a tunnel like environment with limited line-of-sight. I need a specification that describes the maximum handoff rate that can be supported by an access point doing WDS. All 150 clients will traverse the tunnel in less than 15 minutes. This means the system needs to sustain continuous handoffs at the rate of 3 or 4 per second (150 clients * 20 AP / 15 min.).

Can a dedicated Aironet access point, doing WDS, support this roam handoff rate?

The access points would be connected to 4 or 5 switches linked by a fiber ring with spanning tree. Network activity is server driven and well below the transport capacity. I can keep the authentication simple. A fixed shared key could be used for all clients to keep things simple. I hope this would control the handoff load.

I?m guessing that 802.11a is too high for leaky coax without a lot of trouble so I?m stuck with lots of access points to get continuous coverage. The handoff rate appears to be the controlling specification.


Re: WDS performance on an AP

Yes, that is possible by keeping the same in the ACS database. The clients can be permitted as well as guset user can also be permitted.

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