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web auth customized webgpage - changes how to upload


I have a customer that has already customized webpages on his controller, this is done in the paste by someone else. Now I need to add a customized page to the existing ones, it is for WAP, can I just download the file wap.tar file or do I need to download the full web auth bundle, and what with the existing files on the controller ?

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You just need to upload WAP

You just need to upload WAP.tar file not the whole bundle.

If you have a Webauth bundle ( cutsomized) Then you can just upload to WLC.

Login to WLC GUI > Command  and the enter these details.


Enter these details:

File Type      - Webauth Bundle
Transfer Mode     - TFTP or FTP (I am taking as example FTP)
Server Details 
IP Address     -  IP address of FTP server
File Path     
File Name     -  xyz.tar(Name of the tar file)
Server Login Username      -  ?
Server Login Password     - ?
Server Port Number    - 21

after sucessfually installtion you must go to WLAN  click on wlan id. Security > Layer 3 and choose login page and login failure page from drop down box.



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Have still a problem to

Have still a problem to upload the file

FTP receive complete... extracting webauth files.

Error extracting webauth files.

I have a tar with one file just the login named login_XXX.htm, because the aup and logo is already  used by another one. the only thing that changes is de redirection url,

VIP Purple

Hi,Must be something wrong


Must be something wrong with wap.tar file.

Upload this which I am attaching here and let me know the result.

My file is .zip file please change it to .tar file by Picozip and then try to upload it.



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Hi, It was a problem with the



It was a problem with the tar file. But I have another issue he did overwrite the existing files. And I don't have them was implemented by another company, is there a possibility to make a backup of these files ?


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VIP Purple

Hi, I think you can backup


I think you can backup the webauth bundle from WLC.


If you did not save the config on wlc after new tar file upgrade then reboot wlc without saving config then only you can have your old tar back on wlc otherwise it will be lost.



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