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Web page redirection without auth on WLC

Customer wants to have users on their guest WLAN get redirected to an acceptable usage policy page without having to authenticate when connecting to the network. We're using WLC4400's. I know it can be done using external elements, but can the controller redirect or display without requiring web authentication first?




Re: Web page redirection without auth on WLC

I tested this in my lab, on a 2006. I tried setting the redirect page, but it doesn't work. With out having the controller set up to do the web auth, I don't think that it will stop any traffic that goes out. So it sounds like you would have to use the external method to accomplish this.

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Re: Web page redirection without auth on WLC

You can use a web passthrough so the user connecting via your guest wlan is required to read the acceptable usage policy. We did this at a hot spot I setup. Under your WLAN configuration, select none for Layer2 and Layer3 security, then check the Web Policy box,and select passthrough. Then all you have to do is configure your Web Login Page (Security->Web Login Page). Place whatever verbage you require in this page to display on the users first attempt to use the web after connecting to your guest wlan. Enabling Web Policy and Passthrough gives the user only an accept button and nothing else. This basically is web authentication without having to enter any credentials.

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Re: Web page redirection without auth on WLC

can I also do this using a Cisco 1811 series device with AP and if so how?

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