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Web Pass-Through Does Not Redirect

We have an issue in which when a client connects to the guest/pass-through WLAN, it does not automatically redirect to the "accept" page. Instead, it only works if you manually input an IP address into the web browser which will then bring up the "accept" page... then users can go ahead and surf the web. Does the controller forward DNS traffic in advance of a user clicking "accept"?

Cisco Employee

Re: Web Pass-Through Does Not Redirect

in most cases... yes DNS has to be working for any web auth (or web pass through to work).... take off the web passthrough and make sure you can get to the internet and that you can get to a site via the DNS name.... when that works the web auth/passthrough should technically work...

unless your hitting the IE cache issue... you can tell this by using firefox... if Firefox works and IE doesn't its because of that...

New Member

Re: Web Pass-Through Does Not Redirect

I think I found part of the problem.

We have two internal DNS servers and only one had "recursion" enabled. Even though both were in DHCP, it appears that the WLC was only allowing requests to one DNS server. (The one with recursion disabled.) For example: when connected to the guest WLAN, I was unable to run "nslookup" and resolve on both DNS servers. Only one server would respond... yet, as soon as an HTTP request is hijacked and I click the "accept" button, it allows me to run an "nslookup" against both DNS servers. I'm wondering if, for security purposes, if the controllers only allow DNS resolution requests to one IP initially until the "accept" button is clicked.

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