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Website tracking through the WLC & WCS

We are increasingly being asked by clients to track website URLS by both guest & employees, mainly for legal reasons.

We work a lot with Hotels, and there are questions over the Hotels responsibility to control access whether it be spam, file sharing applications, access to illegal web content.

The employees are less of and issue as we use a proxy to track and control access.

The main problem is with Guest access where they are simply assigned a user name, and there is little control over the machines.

We were hoping that we could couple the detailed reporting from WCS with some form of logging out of the WLC, we had entertained logging at the Firewall but would need to tie things back to WLC/WCS which we though maybe a bit of a challenge.

If anyone has any ideas they will be gratefully received. 



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Re: Website tracking through the WLC & WCS

I handle this on our public WiFi at our hospitals with a Squid proxy and then have daily reports that are ran detailing the IP address along with where the client visited. Also nice because we get some benefits from the web caching services.

Let me know if you need more help or information.

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Re: Website tracking through the WLC & WCS

Thanks very much for the prompt reply, I guess that is an option though we're not really a Linux house.

Is the reporting straight forward enough to use, ideally we'd like to be able to hand it off to the client.



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