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weird 1130 issue

Somehow the enable pw got messed up in one particular AP and now I can't get back into it.

Its running LAP IOS but is not associated to any controller.

I've attempted to press/release the MODE button until it turned both amber and red but it still won't fully default its configuration to factory settings.

There is no longer a static IP (I can get in unpriveleged) but it keeps the name and whatever enable pw it has among a few other things.

Am I going to have to do the direct connect TFTP IOS loadup option?

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Re: weird 1130 issue

Try this:

First, check the flash:


Directory of flash:/

2 -rwx 279 May 09 2008 11:52:20 +00:00 env_vars

4 -rwx 6168 May 09 2008 11:52:20 +00:00 private-multiple-fs

6 drwx 256 May 09 2008 11:49:05 +00:00 c1130-k9w8-mx.124-3g.JA2

5 drwx 128 Mar 01 2002 00:03:43 +00:00 c1130-rcvk9w8-mx

15998976 bytes total (10716672 bytes free)

Then delete the LWAPP image:

lap_1131#delete /r /f flash:/c11310-k9w8-mx.124-3g.JA2

Not the one the has rcv in it!!!!!!

Thirdly reload the AP:


Then issue a clear lwapp private-config

You'll end up with a clear AP.

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Re: weird 1130 issue

Thanks! I saw your post on this solution earlier, or maybe someone else's. Easy fix.

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