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Welcome to the WLAN Standards/ Radio Technology Discussion

Welcome to the Cisco Networking Professionals Connection Wireless Forum. This conversation will provide you the opportunity to discuss issues surrounding WLAN Standards/ Radio Technology. We encourage everyone to share their knowledge and start conversations on issues such as IEEE 802.11b, radio technology, and any other topic concerning WLAN Standards/ Radio Technology.

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New Member

Re: Welcome to the WLAN Standards/ Radio Technology Discussion

I'm working for a small company as a network technician.

I have to connect by air (RF) two buildings which are in a NON LINE OF SITE position.The common place ,of line on site, is about 2km and 3km from each building.

I would like to ask the following:

1] which of your products may cover me in order to implement that wlan , and in addition to be able to pass voice (VoIP)

2] what accesories do i need; ( the "repeater" will be installed in the top off the mountain)

3] does Cisco provides tools (hardware&software for site survey;

4]who are the OFFICIAL distributor of Cisco products in Greece;

I' would like to apologize for my English, and thank you in advanced.

Lazaros S Markopoulos

New Member

Re: Welcome to the WLAN Standards/ Radio Technology Discussion

I have a question regrding to the infulence of 802.11b standard. one of my custoemr as k me about if the microwave of the access point affect pager, celluar phone, human being or microwave in kitchen,, or inthe opposite , be affected by those device?? I think the prompt anwser is " no" , but i am not sure and my customer also need some official document to suppor tmy point . can anybody help me this, please also let me the where the document is( as precise as possible) thank you !!!

New Member

Re: Welcome to the WLAN Standards/ Radio Technology Discussion

according to the FCC regs I believe that the 802.11 device cannot cause unwanted interference, although the closer one gets to the antenna the greater the risk of interference and effect to the human body.

New Member

Re: Welcome to the WLAN Standards/ Radio Technology Discussion

This was copied from another forum:


May 30, 2001, 8:17am Pacific (1.)

I found this information on Cisco's site:

"The WLAN devices are safe when operated under normal operating conditions as stated in the user manuals. The power levels are below the power level of a typical microwave oven. The radio modules were tested in accordance with various recognized standards by independent test labs. The levels measured when the PCMCIA antenna was 1 cm away from the user was recorded at 10-12% of the maximum level allowed."

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