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WGB's vs. Wireless Bridges

I recently had a project to add one of our security gates to the network. It is approximately 1/4 mile from our main facility. I didn't have a couple of 340 or 350 bridges to use but I did have an available AP, WGB and yagi antenna's. What I did was install the AP at the main facility and installed one yagi at the main faciltiy and one yagi at the security gate. At the security gate I installed a 350WGB and the one P.C. attached to the network just fine. In a scenario similiar to this I am using 340 wireless bridges(more expensive). What would be the advantage or disadvantage of using one method over the other? Thanks...

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Re: WGB's vs. Wireless Bridges

The WGB allows only 8(?) MAC addresses across the link. More than enough for one guard, not enough for a remote office.

Cisco Employee

Re: WGB's vs. Wireless Bridges

It depends on how many wired clients/PCs you want at gate..WGB can only connect 8 Wired cleints..No wireless clients..

With regular bridge, you can have wireless clients associated with bridge at gate can route to main facility as well.

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Re: WGB's vs. Wireless Bridges

Also ,the 350 WB and AP only accept power over Ethernet, the WGB uses a power supply.

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