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What does the Association Table actually show ?

Can anyone confirm what the association table on a 1200 Access Point actually shows and how entries are established in the table ?

We have a building with WLAN over five different floors, comprising of 18 Access Points. If I establish a management session with an AP, the "Summary Status" page shows "Current Associations" for Clients, Repeaters Bridges & Access Points. For APs, this shows me that there are 18, but I am not sure how the AP knows this information.

From the "Summary Status" screen:

If I click on the "Associations" button at the top of the screen, the "Associations Table" appears but only shows the Clients that are associated with the AP. (Settings do permit AP to be shown)

If on the otherhand I click on "APs:xx" from the "Current Associations" then the "Associations Table" appears with a list of all 18 APs.

Does the AP learn of the other APs across the Ethernet LAN, or do the APs share their Association Table information with other APs so that they build a complete list, or have each of the APs actually received a signal from each of the other APs at some stage ? (Hopefully it is not the last one as otherwise our WLAN setup is wrong).

Also why do the different ways of viewing the Associations Table show different results ?

For reference we are using 11.54T firmware.

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Re: What does the Association Table actually show ?

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