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what happened if my ap350 show these log infomation?

Recently,my ap 350 showed following log information:

Time Severity Description

00:10:22 (Warning): Failed to Send Packet on port "awc0" (error=0xffffffff)

00:10:22 (FATAL): Failed to stop driver for port "awc0" (error=0xffffffff)

00:10:19 (Info): Station 0009b77bbc32 roamed

00:10:19 (Info): Disassociating 0009b77bbc32, reason "Sender is Leaving (has

left) BSS"

00:06:52 (Info): Station=0009b77bbc32 User="vivi" EAP-Authenticated

00:06:52 (Info): Station 0009b77bbc32 Associated

00:06:52 (Info): Station 0009b77bbc32 Authenticated

00:06:47 (Warning): Station=0009b77bbc32 user="vivi" Failed EAP-Authenticatio

Does it mean a hardware problem have occured?


Re: what happened if my ap350 show these log infomation?

Try any of these and see if it works:

1. Connect the access point to a valid ethernet connection before attempting wireless client access.

2. Disable repeater fallback mode either serially or by connecting to a valid network and then browse into the device and disable this feature.

3.Disable fallback mode from the browser (also known as "Loss of Backbone Connectivity Action"), browse into the access point and choose change from Switch to Repeater Mode to No Action.

I don't think this is a hardware issue.

Cisco Employee

Re: what happened if my ap350 show these log infomation?

The acw0 interface is the radio interface, this message means that the AP has detected a software problem talking to the radio and has reset it, the messages following it show the clients disassoicating and re authenticating due to the fact the radio port was reset.

It is NOT a hardware issue, and depending on the version of firmware you are running could be due to number of software issues that have been reported and will manifest themselves with this symptom among others.

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