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What is the File name for the RTOS image for the recovery of AIR-CT5508

I know TAC is where you get this file. But I am in a situation where my client does not have nor want a smartnet on this device and its out of warranty. I have the AES file but I need this RTOS file to get the unit back up and able to recover to the full image. Any help or guidance would be highly appreciated.  Below is where my client's CT is stuck..




 1. Run primary image (Image not found)

 2. Run backup image (Image not found) - Active

 3. Change active boot image

 4. Clear configuration

 5. Format FLASH Drive

 6. Manually update images



Enter selection: 6


mount: Mounting /dev/cfa2 on /mnt/images failed: No such device or address

Use DHCP for ip configuration (Y/n)? Y

Sending DHCP request . . .

DHCP client bound to address

Enter TFTP server IP address[( )]:


!!! WARNING updating using .aes or unapproved files will disable this unit !!!


Do you want to update RTOS (y/N)? y


Do you want to update Primary Or Secondary Image (P/s)? P


Enter filename for RTOS update:



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I am also, expect solutions

I am also, expect solutions

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I bought a used 5508 on eBay

I bought a used 5508 on eBay for my lab and the unit has no image installed.  I don't want to purchase Smartnet for a non-production lab device.  I too would like to know how to get the emergency recovery image since the .aes files won't work.



 Boot Loader Menu

 1. Run primary image (Image not found)
 2. Run backup image (Image not found)

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