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Which access points: 1140 or 1250


For a new building we are investigating a completely wireless environment (no cables).

Somebody any experience with one of those two?

Or arguments why you should install the 1140 rather then the 1250 or vice versa?

Our main objective is I guess signal strength ane make sure people are equally divided over the different WAP on each floor.




Re: Which access points: 1140 or 1250

There are advantages to each:

1250 Pros

- Ruggedized exterior for harsh environments

- Ability to use external antennas for customizable coverage

- Modular for investment protection - if for any reason the 802.11n standard requires new hardware, you can simply swap out the radios.

1140 Pros

- Cheaper hardware, no need to purchase external antennas

- Requires less power. CAN RUN ON 802.3AF POWER (big plus here).

Ultimately, you need to decide which advantages are most important to you. The power usage on the 1140 makes it very hard to pass up for most people.


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Re: Which access points: 1140 or 1250

In addition to Jeff's input:

1. Depending on whether or not you will be using a WLC or not, 1250 requires a minimum of 18.5 watts of power. So in order for you to use both radio modules, you need to get a PoE switch which can provide Enhanced PoE (ePoE), like the 3560-E or 3750-E, or you purchase the optional power injector.

2. If you are using a WLC, then use the 5.2.X firmware and the WLC will allow the 1250 operate in 15.4 watts of power, BOTH RADIOS, but the signal strength and signal range is curtailed.

3. 1140, as Jeff pointed out, can operate at 15.4, FULL POWER but the range is not as good as the 1250 when operating at full power.

4. 1140, unlike the 1250, was designed specifically for office space use: lots of corners, walls/dividers, compactors while the 1250 was designed for industrial use (thus the armoured car look, feel, built and weight): wide open spaces.

5. I would like to recommend that before you place an order, make sure you conduct a Wireless Site Survey. This will help you make the right decisions by deploying the correct number of AP's at the correct locations.

Hope this and Jeff's input helps you.

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Re: Which access points: 1140 or 1250

Double posting. See above.

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