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why AP1142 802.11N 144M?

why 144M on 1142 802.11N?

1142 configuration

dot11 ssid WPA2
   authentication open
   authentication key-management wpa version 2
   wpa-psk ascii 7 03550958525A771B165049

interface Dot11Radio1
no ip address
no ip route-cache
encryption mode ciphers aes-ccm
ssid WPA2
antenna gain 0
no dfs band block
channel width 40-above
channel 5745

i dont understand AP's speed...

please help..

Cisco Employee

Re: why AP1142 802.11N 144M?

I dont understand what you are asking?

Are you only seeing 144Mbps throughput?

Community Member

Re: why AP1142 802.11N 144M?

thanks your reply..

Yes.. under 144M... why not display 300Mbps ?

notebook is ThinkPad X300... good PC...

i dont understand..

Cisco Employee

Re: why AP1142 802.11N 144M?

Tere are 32 different MCS (modulation coding schemes) in 802.11n. The data rate shown on your laptop depends on a lot of factors.

Security if you dont use wpa2-aes or open then you only see legacy data rates.

If you have a long guard interval you get 130Mbps

It appears you are only seeing a single channel with short gaurd interval MCS 15.

If you have 40MHz wide bonded channels it may be the client capabilities.

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