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Why does the Switch User option go away when adding the AnyConnect client to a Windows 7 laptop?

We are using the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client version 3.1.01065 and Windows 7 64-bit OS on our laptops.  The client is working fine except the Switch User option on the Shutdown menu is grayed out.  We have configured the AnyConnect client to allow the user to log into and start the VPN connection prior to logging into Windows.

Can anyone tell me why the Switch User option is not available once the AnyConnect client is installed?  Is there something else that we should be doing within the AnyConnect configuration?


Allen Conrad          


Why does the Switch User option go away when adding the AnyConne

Yes, it goes away.  However, it is not a Cisco issue but rather a secure networking item and a Windows design.

In a Server/Client environment, network access is authenticated to a specific UID/PW.  This would be compromised if the underlaying switch-user routine remained functional.  As such, MS shuts it down when you establish the VPN connection.

I don't know if it is restored once you disconnect or if you must close the vpn client also.  I'm leaning to the close app routine as the vpn app might not exist in the alternate user environment.

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Why does the Switch User option go away when adding the AnyConne


We have enabled the Start Before Login (SBL) feature on the Cisco AnyConnect client so that the network mapped drives will show up for the VPN user when they login. 

We have found that if the SBL feature is enabled on the Cisco AnyConnect client that the Windows Switch User option is disabled. 

If we disable the SBL option on the AnyConnect client then the Windows Switch User option becomes available to use.

Since the Cisco AnyConnect client is installed on all laptops to enable our users to be mobile when they have the need, the Windows Switch User is disabled.  Several of our Administrators have complained that they cannot use the Switch User option when assisting a user.

If the AnyConnect client and Windows are working as designed then the Administrators will need to make a choice.

Thank you for your reply to my question,

Allen Conrad

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