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Why select Cisco Wireless solution?

I am trying to make my case for using Cisco controller and 1250 access points. How do I sell it to the audience, who is insistent that <$60 netgear or linksys wireless router may do just as good.

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Re: Why select Cisco Wireless solution?

If it is a large organization; management of the wireless is the main reason you would go with the your solution. Plus Cisco has great support too.

The feature enhancements of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network are more "credible" than what you get with a SOHO access point.

If price is an issue, and they are not as concerned with 802.11a and n in the A band.

Look at:

It could be a better sell. Budget crunches in this economy is keeping some from investing.

The draw back ,if your wireless architecture is going to require more than 12 access points. Go with the UWN as you mentioned.

I am not a salesman, but so far Cisco has proven to be a good choice for our organization. Cisco will make sure your solution works and this forum has plenty of peple that will back you up.


Re: Why select Cisco Wireless solution?

Some things that Cisco access points do that Netgear/Linksys etc... do not:

1. Can handle large amounts of clients (~25 with 1130s/1240s, more with 1250s)

2. Encryption is handled via hardware instead of software, which prevents the CPU from getting bogged down.

3. Multiple SSIDs and VLANs, each with individual security settings, which allows for guest networks to be created.

4. Can be powered by PoE, allowing you to deploy access points anywhere as desired (rather than requiring that it be installed next to an outlet).

5. Can be managed centrally via the unified wireless network, allowing you to manage all your access points on a single device. This saves mega $$$ in management for large networks.

6. Removeable radios in case the 802.11n standard requires it. If you're looking at 1250s, my guess is that you're looking at 802.11n Netgears. Since 802.11n isn't out yet, Cisco offers investment protection by allowing you to remove the modular radios and replace them should the final 802.11n standard require it.

7. Along the same lines, the 1250 access point is used to test all 802.11n devices in the Wi-Fi Alliance certification process.

8. Ability to do QoS, WDS, and many other advanced wireless designs.

I'm not a Cisco salesman either, but I used to work for a Cisco Reseller and did lots and lots of sales calls. The short answer to your question is that those little access points you get at the store are meant for the home and home-office settings and are not meant for business-class implementations. So if your business is small enough that one of those will work, go for it. But you get your money's worth by going with Cisco.

That said, that price tag makes it a tough sale, so best of luck to you :D

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