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Wide Area Wireless Networking

I have a customer (municipal Police Dept) that needs to deploy a wide-are wireless network over the city. They want to link the police cars back to a central data center. The wired network (ATM) will be supplied by others, and router, switches, etc. have already been purchased.

If I need to deploy 15 or so cells, with antennas either mounted on towers or buildings, I'd be using the AIR-AP352 Access Point with a big old omnidirectional antenna, correct? I've got a salesperson telling me that his mid-Western experts use the AIR-BR352 bridges to build cells. Wouldn't I only do that if I needed to connect the cells to each other wirelessly?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Wide Area Wireless Networking

One more thing: Am I correct when I state that the theoretical range, give or take, of a client (with appropriate antenna) to an Access Point is going to be about one mile? Something to do with Ethernet timeouts?

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