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Wireless Access Point Identification by Clients

To whomever has an idea,

We have recently been given this unusual task.  The setup is a series of CAP3502P access points, and a wireless controller (either 2500 Series or 5500 Series), as well as other standard network infrastructure.

In this network, the client (mobile/wireless) devices must be able to detect when they change what access point they are communicating through, while also requiring a seamless transition.  Ie, if the client device is communicating via access point A, and displaying the application menus for A, when the user walks to the area services by access point B, it must detect that sot he application can display menus for B, without the user having to select "B".

Is there a way for the client device to detect which access point it is using and provide that to an application? Or alternatively a way for a host service residing on a server to get that information from the wireless controller?


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Wireless Access Point Identification by Clients

Ok, let me see if I understand this.

You want to offer up locaton based services, based on which AP the client is connected to.  Is this correct?

To my knowledge, you could do this with a MSE and an API that would talk to the MSE to determine which AP the WLC is connected to.  Then using that information change what page the client would see.

that being said, I don't know how smooth it would be on the application side...


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Wireless Access Point Identification by Clients

That is essentially correct.

I assume here MSE refers to Mobility Services Engine.  From what you say, does this mean there is such an API, or there may be such an API?

The trick here is there is only one WLC, which all APs pass through.  So the more important distinction is which AP the mobile client device is connected through.

(Or I am miss-reading the term WLC to mean WireLess Controller instead of WireLess Client?).

It should be noted that this is a single LAN-side system, there are no remote sites/areas across routers etc.  All the APs and Controller are in a single LAN (and VLAN).  I don't know if that changes anything.

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