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Wireless Bridge dropping traffic


We have 2 x AIR-BR1310 setup with a point to point bridge between 2 offices, see below.


At random periods of the day the link drops and office1 is unable to contact office2. Upon further inspection the Bridges report that the wireless association is still active and this is confirmed as Bridge1 can still ping the BVI interface on Bridge2.

I telneted to the console on Bridge2 and attempted to ping hosts in Office2, all ping attempts failed. The BVI and Fastethernet interfaces on Bridge2 are both up and there are no errors on the interfaces.

To resolve the issue we have to perform a hard reboot on Bridge2, as soon as the bridge comes back up traffic passes as normal. We have tried rebooting the switches and Bridge1 but the network still drops traffic, its only when Bridge2 is rebooted that operation returns to normal.

Any ideas?


Re: Wireless Bridge dropping traffic

If the bridge link stays up, and you can get to the BVI interface, then this isn't a wireless problem. The problem should be on the other side of the radio interface.

What do you have installed on the other side? Does the bridge connect directly to a switch? Can Bridge 2 ping its default-gateway?

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