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Wireless bridge re-association

Hey Guys,

Need help with a 1252 in bridge mode. The 1252's are not re-associating after the non-root is dropped. Previously at the same location, the 1310 bridge would re-associate without issue. Is there a command I'm missing somewhere? Should I up the retries?

Thanks in advance


Re: Wireless bridge re-association

Check for the configuration on the 1252 bridge as misconfiguration may be causing the issue.Also check if the same config is present on 1252 as it was on 1310.An SSID is a unique identifier that client devices use to associate with the access point or a VLAN supported by the access point. The SSID helps client devices distinguish between multiple wireless networks and VLANs in the same vicinity and provides access to VLANs by wireless client devices.

Check if "Allow Broadcast SSID to Associate" setting in the "AP Radio Hardware page" is enabled for the association to take place. If this option is disabled association will not take place.

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Re: Wireless bridge re-association

Thanks for the response hadbou, I upped the distance ("Distance(km):") setting and it has not dropped since.

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