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New Member

Wireless Cellsites

Im setting up a wireless ISP in my area and am working on the business proposal. I would like to setup wireless cellsites on existing cellsites in my area. I need to get about 1000 users per cellsite. Can anyone recommend antennas and equipment. I have about a 10,000 budget per site and will be setting up about 30 sites. Has anyone worked with the owners of existing cellsites ? are they willing to work with you ? and about how much do they charge for Use ? Any help would be Great.

I plan on bringing in a consultant to oversee the installation of the ISP and several public access networks. How much would you guys charge ?

New Member

Re: Wireless Cellsites

I would need to know a few basic parameters, such as:

- are your customers mobile or stationary?

- how much throughput are they expecting?

- what kind of environment are you dealing with? (terrain, buildings, foliage)

Regarding tower owners - if you are looking to bring up all 30 sites very quickly, a large operator of cellular towers would be the way to go, but they will have greater restrictions and higher prices.

Private tower/structure owners will be easier to work with, but will require individual contracts.

I would be more than happy to discuss pricing if you would like to e-mail me or call our office.

Matthew Wheeler

Chief Wireless Architect

Blue Modal


New Member

Re: Wireless Cellsites

All customers are going to be Stationary. Mostly home users and small Businesses. We are going to provide up to 5MB Connection speeds... All the customers are within a 5 Mile radious and have direct Line of Site. Most everything here is flat. We have very large mountains on 1 side and a Gigantic lake on the other so the City is only about 2 miles across. We will not have to cross any distance over 10 Miles between cellsites.

Thank you

Chris s. Raver

New Member

Re: Wireless Cellsites

The user count is the killer. With $10K per site, you're not going to get 1000 *happy* customers at 2.4GHz, because you will have up to 167 users per bridge. (You'll only be able to dedicate 64Kbps per user, assuming that only 12% are on at the same time.)

However, you can do that with standard Aironet bridges (not APs or WGBs) and antennas with solid all-weather reliability (20+dB SOM) under the following conditions:

- You're the only one in town using 2.4GHz outdoors

- Your customers are willing to accept a *shared* portion of a nominal 5.5Mbps pipe (actually about 3Mbps)

- They all put up masts on their roofs to get 35' (for 5 mile distance) above trees, buildings, etc.

- You have an experienced contractor to ensure absolute minimal loss on all connectors

- You put a big box with all the bridges at the top of the tower with the antennas

The less true all of these things are, the lower your reliability will be - especially for the customers furthest from the tower.

Of course, that's the long-winded way of saying that you are going to need amps, higher gain antennas, careful configuration and good channel planning to do what you want.

With the right components and configuration, you can:

- Move to 11Mbps nominal (6-8 actual)

- Use shorter client-side masts and worry less about obstructions in the Fresnel Zone

- Keep the bridges inside or on the ground

- Reach out more than 6.5 miles with all-weather reliability

- Install smaller, less conspicuous antennas

- Still use the 2.4GHz band (so you and your clients can get cheap off-the shelf equipment) without interference from existing 2.4GHz users

- Spend about the same amount of money

For about $30K per tower, you can get a 20Mbps 5GHz system that would give you much happier customers.

I'll be in the office Monday if you want to call.

Matthew Wheeler

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