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wireless connectivity for a sensor


In our factory's mesh network, there are temperature/air sensing sensors connected to mesh network. Now in one of the corner locations, there is an mesh ap. a new similar sensor is to be installed near this mesh ap point for sensing that area.

But, due to some problems, the sensor cannot be connected directly to the mesh ap.

Due to this , it is proposed to place a work group bridge and have the sensor get the connection through this work group bridge.
My question is , is this feasible? If so, how would the workgroup bridge(unidirectional) , the sensor & the mesh ap connect physically to each other and have connectivity for the sensor.

to note, the mesh ap and the sensor location is very near to each other.



wireless connectivity for a sensor

I think it is better to check why the sensor not connecting to the mesh AP (if this is the case) rather than installing a workgroup bridge.

If you are going to use workgroup bridge your sensor will connect via a wire to the WGB. Do your sensors have wired connection?

The workgroup bridge will connect wirelessly to the MESH AP but will provide the sensor with connectivity on wired side (via a cable). This is how it works.

If your sensors do not have a cable connection then WGB can not be used at this point and you need to make it to connect via wireless to the MESH AP.



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wireless connectivity for a sensor

Is it IOS or unified Mesh AP?

Try ethernet bridging if unified.

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