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Wireless Coverage over an area of 250X250 Meters by using Cisco 1250 AP

Suppose I have an open hall of 250 by 250 meters area.I want to fully cover it with wireless (without any dead spots) by using Cisco 1250 AP and wireless controller unit and POE then:

01.How many A.P I need to cover all area?

02.How should I place the APs if the hall is having 4 corners A,B,C and D.Imagine the wirless controller unit will be installed outside hall boundary wall or at any corner of the hall

03.Also what type of antena should I use.I think I better use Omni.

04.I need load balancing/Reduncy ,Highly professional setup

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Re: Wireless Coverage over an area of 250X250 Meters by using Ci

A lot would depend on the number of users you plan on accomodating but I would think if a car dealer would be at a minimum. Additionally a site survey would let you know exactly what you need. Having said all that, in my limited experience I would think that since this is an open area you could start with 5 APs having one right square in the center of the building and the other 4 centered in each one of the 4 quadrants. I have had really good luck with the Omni 1728 Antennas attached to the LAP1242AG-A-K9 Access Points. I am farly impressed with the coverage maps that these produce. We are also using WCS Software as a front end to the 6509 WiSM Module and have had no problems with load balance. I am assuming the the smaller stand alone appliances will produce the same results. Redundancy would probably require another AP or two which would let a failure occur without service interruption.

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Re: Wireless Coverage over an area of 250X250 Meters by using Ci

Dear Nagel,

Let me use your experience of using LAP1242AG-A-K9.

01.This device will support wireless G protocol.In future if want to use wireless N protocol then do i need to change the device or I have to upgrade the latest firmware of the existing devices?

02.Suppose the area is some plane square with corners A,B,C and D. Now let me draw its diagonals.The diagonals meet at point E.Now tell me where exactly I place all 5 access points ?

03.Suppose I want 100% Redundancy then should i place additional access points around 2 meters away from each existing 5 access points?That means total access points will be 5+5 ?

Please reply.

How many DB anetna to use ?

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