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Wireless Dilemma

i have a vendor tiring to install a wireless parking meter on my network, the problem is with his setup. he is using a hardened windows CE device as the CPU, but his wireless connection is being fed through a separate wireless router " this looks like an off the shelf wireless router"

this wireless device can do WPA-PSK but i use WPA v1 enterprise. my question is has anyone used a setup like this with a wireless router that can do WPA Enterprise? or is there a device capable of doing this.

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Re: Wireless Dilemma


About the only thing I can think to try with this setup is to look into something like dd-wrt or openwrt or hyperwrt. They're opensource alternative OSs that were initially developed for the Linksys WRT54G series wireless router but many have been ported to other manufacturer's devices. They were developed in part due to the lack of more advanced EAP mechanisms found in the stock firmware. The obvious downside to this would be convincing the vendor to use and support the new firmware. But given the ease of use, you might be able to pitch to the vendor that such a design would be a major improvement in terms of feature/functionality for their product. Here's a few links to get you started... hope this helps!

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Re: Wireless Dilemma

I tried getting dd-wrt/openwrt to work as a bridge and never had much luck. I had mixed results with a linksys retail bridge.

Since the code update for WGB functionality has been released, i've had great success with an autonomous 1131 AP in WGB mode. That's the best solution, IMO.

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Re: Wireless Dilemma

i think the issue would be with the device and how it handles the certificate when set to enterprise. Why don't you setup a seperate SSID using WPA-PSK and use ACL's to block that subnet from your internal network?

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Re: Wireless Dilemma

i got this to wokr with a 3com bridge (gasp...)

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