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Wireless ISP (Need help)

Hi, Im starting a Wireless ISP in my area. The main office sits about 1000' about ground level with 3 large cellsites within 5 Miles of eachother. The idea is to use 5.8Ghz Dish Antennas to push 50MB from the Office to each cellsite. Then I'd like to use 2.4Ghz Sector Antennas on each cellsite to connect the clients who will also be using small 2.4 Ghz antennas. What I need to know is what services and equipment I will need at each cellsite to make this work. Any help would be great.

Thank you

Chris s. Raver

Project Wireless

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Re: Wireless ISP (Need help)

You're going to need professional help.

(If you want free advice on how to do things cheap, try:

You may get some snipets of good advice, but they won't arrange themselves into a solid specification, sorry.

What you are asking for will require professional services from an experienced wireless firm. That's the best way to accomplish things like:

- Hybrid WiFi/U-NII network with 99.99+% reliability

- Per-user bandwidth throttling

- Removing the risk of getting ripped off by anyone who can spoof a MAC address

... without having to learn everything the hard way.

The good news is that you may actually save money by getting the most out of every cell and every piece of equipment.

Matthew Wheeler

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