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Wireless LAN Controller 4402 - intermittent connectivity problems with LAN

We have a 4402 wireless LAN controller (ver running with lwapp 1240 AP's that experiences intermittent connectivity problems with some servers while we can get to other servers on the same subnet. This morning I was unable to ping a server from the wireless while I could get to it from the LAN. After about 30 minutes it started working. I didn't change anything. REAP mode connectivity is also very flaky. We had the aironet 1231G's for a year and never had any problems like this. Has anyone else experienced problems like this with the centralized wireless platform?

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Re: Wireless LAN Controller 4402 - intermittent connectivity pro

Could you please check the ARP cache on the wireless clients and see if it has the arp of the server on the wireless client.When yo say you have connectivity issues you need to check whether the wireless client is able to send the packet to the wired client.

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Re: Wireless LAN Controller 4402 - intermittent connectivity pro

Just an FYI.. I have an open TAC case regarding the same exact issue.

We're trying to debug it still. We don't use REAP/HREAP. We have a cluster of 4404-100's with 1131, 1231 and 1242 ap's running off of them.

I'm suspecting there is a bug somewhere either in the disabling peer to peer code, or possibly in the tunneling.

The devices we see most often getting blocked at devices on the same subnet as the controllers them selves. Typically we can always ping/http/ssh to the WLC our AP is associated to, and then can't hit the WLC's in their mobility group via wireless that are just a few IP's away from the primary WLC. Switches and servers at random on the same subnet can't be hit either. Sniffer traces show the packets never coming out of the WLC. We've seen this since 3.x, and still current in

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