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Wireless LAN controller 5500 Internal LAN and guest access

We are in the process of buying the Wireless LAN controller 5500 series. The documenation that I saw with cisco was that it has only one ISP provider shared by corporate and guest. What we would like to do is have two ISP provider one for corporate use one just for guest access. We also have multiple remote sites that would have guest access. Is this possible with the controllers? Our company are thinking of getting a seperate ISP for each remote site just for guest use.


Re: Wireless LAN controller 5500 Internal LAN and guest access

You might want to think about procuring something like a Cisco 4402 controller to use as a mobility anchor. You can take all guest traffic (wireless, and wired, if you want) and tunnel it through the anchor to your other/guest ISP.

If you are planning on using H-REAP for your remote sites, then I'm not sure how/if a mobility anchor would fit in to such a configuration.

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