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Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Restore


Does someone know if i can save the configuration from a 4402 controller and load it into a 4404 controller? Does this work?

regards Dave


Re: Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Restore

By creating a config group, you can group controllers that should have the same mobility group name and similar configuration. You can assign templates to the group and push templates to all the controllers in a group. You can add, delete, or remove config groups, and download software, IDS signatures, or a customized web authentication page to controllers in the selected config groups. You can also save the current configuration to nonvolatile (Flash) memory to controllers in selected config groups.For more info refer the following URL

Community Member

Re: Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Restore


thanks for your answer. but i have another issue.

i have a customer with a 4402 controller and i want to replace this controller with a 4404 controller. can i save the configuration on the 4402 controller to a file and load this config file into the 4404 controller?

the customer does not have WCS.

thanks regards dave

Cisco Employee

Re: Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Restore

hello ,

You can do the following

go to the upload tab - upload your config to a tftp server ; you can specify a encryption password ; now get your new controller and download this config to the new one ; you should remember the username and password

you might need basic config on the new controller so that it can ping the tftp server

now you set to use the new controller

let me know if you need more info



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