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Wireless Lan Controller Issue

Hi All,

We have a Wireless Lan Controller 4402 with software version On Friday we experience a problem where our clients wouldn't get redirected to the internal webpage for authentication. It would just come up with page not found. We know the page was working fine becasue we could manually type in the and the

page would come up and you could login successfully. The users who were already connected to the controller were not affected and continued to operate. We have 2 other WLC's at the same software revision and they were not affected so I don't think it has anything to to with software level. Its like the webserver in the wlc failed to work. We failed over the AP's to the 3rd WLC and rebooted WLC1. After the WLC1 restarted we failed one of the previous non-working AP's back to it and it works again.

I know "now" there is debug commands to run at the time when the WLC wasn't working, but unfortunately I didn't know at the time. The WLC is running again fine and I was wondering if anybody has seen this issue before.

Any ideas on a fix or reason would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Wireless Lan Controller Issue

Sounds like you are right about the webserver or the internal user database failed. One or the other seems to have had a memory error and rebooting cleaned it up. If it persists I would call TAC. Of course you know what they're going to say, move to 4.1 code.

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Re: Wireless Lan Controller Issue


Try re-issuing your web auth certificate. Commands are available both in the GUI and command line to reissue.




Re: Wireless Lan Controller Issue

We are running WiSM and we just had the similar problem with one controller. The other three controllers were fine when it happened. The exactly issue was the nslookup failed(timed out) from the client, so the web login page won't show when people lunch the browser. A reboot of the controller fixed the problem. We have been running Cisco LWAPP for more than a year (from to and it is the first time we see this problem. TAC is still investigating the cause.


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