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Wireless Location AP Density and Antenna Type

Does anyone have recomendations for the density for AP's for use with WCS location? If I use the 3 AP's required for location triangulation in an area (300x200 feet) (with omni antennas) I get great wireless coverage throughout the area, but I get lousy location tracking. If I choose inspect location readiness most everything is red with only a couple little specs of green. If I add 3 more ap's (for 6 total) I get about 20 % of the area only showing location readiness in the green with everything else red. Does anyone have any thoughts as to how dense AP's should be for tracking and what the best antennas to use would be.


Re: Wireless Location AP Density and Antenna Type

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Re: Wireless Location AP Density and Antenna Type

I had seen that document, but now reviewed it in further depth. I find it interesting (and somewhat expensive) to see that for acurate location information Cisco recomends AP's every 50 linear feet. Running the planning mode recomends 26 AP's rather than the 6 I now have in place, even though the 6 provide great RF coverage, they don't seem sufficiant for location.

That being said if I do add 20 more AP's what would the best antennas for this application be? I'm assuming I should not use all 5 Db 1728 antennas as those are probably way overkill. What do you think?

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