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Wireless Machines can't see each other

We have a small network (10 wireless hosts), all works with Wi-Fi 802.11b and I don't know why, sometimes one or two machines can't see each others, so if I have a shared printer, a machine can't print.

Is there a problem of the technology?


Re: Wireless Machines can't see each other

First, verify that you are associated. Check your TCP/IP configuration. Ping your own IP address, then ping the access point's IP address, then finally ping the default gateway. If you cannot ping the access point, verify the association. If this works correctly, please check your routing capabilities on your network.

Make sure that PSPF is not enabled. With PSPF enabled, client devices cannot communicate with other client devices on the wireless network.

There might be some connection issues if more than 3 users are connected to the same bridge .So this intermittent problem can be due this also.

Some wireless troubleshooting guidelines can be found at :

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Re: Wireless Machines can't see each other

But, what happend if I have two Access Points and wireless machines on different access point can't see each other?

Have everybody been working on the same chanel?

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Re: Wireless Machines can't see each other

Are you using the default IP address given the access point when it comes out of the box, or is it also on your same subnet? When users can't print on a network of your , it usually is because they didn't actually log into the workgroup, but hit cancel instead. I know these sound too simple, but those are usually the things that get overlooked.

Good luck!

Cisco Employee

Re: Wireless Machines can't see each other

When you say they can not see each other, do you mean they can not connect together using Windows (file share etc)?

Can they ping each other ?? If they can ping but not connect using windows then it is a problem with your windows networking config (domain ect)

Check that they have IP connectivity as decsribed above

From both clients ping your default gateway the AP then the sencond AP then each other.

Make sure that all devices are in the same subnet

It is important that you try pinging the devices as they may have IP connection which means your network devices are fine but it is windows that has the problem and you need to then troubleshoot your windows config

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