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Wireless multipoint connection

I want to connect some Aironet 350 bridges with another one in a centralized location to achieve a wireless communication that let me not to use leased lines or something like that.

The distances are large, so I'll use a dish in the satellite locations and one omni antenna in the central one.

As I don't want the communications to collide, how can I configure it? Is the bridge able to use different channels with the different locations? How does it manage the situation?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Wireless multipoint connection

WLAN uses CSMA/CA CA=colision avoidance. It works similar to several PCs on a shared hub. All the bridges will need to be on the same channel. And be sure the dishes are mounted with vertical polarization to match the omni in the center. You could also set up several bridge pairs from the center building to each remote building. It will cost more but would have a lot higher throughput.

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