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Wireless Network Becoming Slow

This may be a simple fix and any suggestions would be appreciated.

We have a hospital network, using Cisco 1200 series AP. We have plenty of AP coverage, signal strength stays excellent. The issue is we are beginning to run our main database system wireless and after more than 3 people connect to the system it becomes very slow and at times data is being lost.

We have ruled out hardware on the laptop sides, added more AP's and nothing has solved the issue. the computers have no internet access so no additional usage from the user side is the cause. Any suggestions on increasing the bandwidth in this situation?

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Re: Wireless Network Becoming Slow

There are plenty of excellent sources of help here but they are going to need more info to help you out. Questions that came to mind as I read this include:

1) Are you running autonomous APs? (code version(s)?)

2) Are you running LWAPP APs? (controller type(s) & Code version(s)?)

3) Bandwidth requirements of the DB app? If an application happens to have high bandwidth demands, then wireless may be seen as the cause of the problem when in truth you are working with a smaller bottleneck. And poorly written network applications tend to work even more poorly with a smaller bottleneck.

4) It is noticibly slow when 3 users are accessing the system over wireless (how about when it is just 3 wired users?). Is there some background processing that ocurs when users are idle?

5) Are you using QoS for Voice over wireless or anything else that might take precedence over this wireless DB traffic?

That should give us a little more to work with, thanks.

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