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Wireless products manageable??

I am getting ready to install CiscoWorks for Windows for a small network customer. I installed 5 wireless products to extend their cabled network a year ago. Will I have the ability to manage these products in CiscoWorks for Windows? The specific products I want to manage are the 350 Wireless Bridge, the 350 Access Point, and a 350 Workgroup bridge...

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Re: Wireless products manageable??

You can see them in CWW, but there's not a lot of detail.

Other products like WaveLink's give you great detail, but may be prohibitively expensive for a small customer.

One way to supplement CWW would be with a free tool like NetStumbler. It's not really a management app, but it will let you monitor signal strength, channel, noise, etc. from each AP.

For $850, we (or you) can put together a portable wireless monitor that you could leave at the customer's site. If they have a problem, have them walk the building with that and you can remotely watch the measurements. That will tell you exactly what CWW won't and may speed up your troubleshooting and resolution time.

Matthew Wheeler

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Re: Wireless products manageable??

Within the CiscoWorks family you have WLAN Solution Engine (WLSE) for management of Wireless products but this is rarther expensive for a small customer.

You could also do some monitoring with MRTG, if you are familiar with that.

Joost Koopmans

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ACAL Netherlands

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