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wireless re-association problem

Hi, we're having issue with a reassociation for WGB to WLC

in normal situation, the WGB can connect succesfully to the WLAN and since the WGB is physically roaming, when they're moving to another AP, they can roam succesfully

When they move out of the coverage area, they will get disconnected as expected

However, when it's roaming back to the coverage area, the WGB is unable to re-connect (even though they're only out of coverage for like 10 seconds)

We can see that it's associating but not authenticated (client state 8021X_REQD)

The client got stuck in this state even when it's idle directly below the AP with a good signal strength (about -50dBm) for more than 10 minutes (based on our observation, we haven't tested whether it will eventually connects back or not)

from the debug client, the WLC logs shows "moving mobile xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx" into Connecting state and "Sending EAP-Request/Identity to mobile xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx" , however I didn't see any logs on the ACS

the WGB can only connect back when we did a manual shut / no shut on the dot11radio interface..

until they roam out of the wireless coverage again then the issue will resurface and a manual shut/no shut from console will then do the trick..

Please advise

Thanks in advance

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wireless re-association problem

Have you tried a different firmware on the WGB?  This is something I would test out as it seems like you have these WGB's on vehicles of some sort.  Also to help others here understand what issues you have, please add more info, like WLC model and code version, WGB model and code version, what is your setup and what is the WGB connected to, what version of ACS, etc.



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Re: wireless re-association problem

Like Scott mentioned .. Need more detail .. Model of wgb, post the config, firmware rev .. Etc

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