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Wireless Roaming Issue


Currently have a wireless deployment in a building across 3 floors. Have deployed AP/Mobility Groups to enable the use of a different subnet on each floor of the building. I have tested Roaming throughout the building and all appears fine.

However, should I pick up an IP address on the ground floor of the building, I can then roam to the 2nd floor, disconnect my wireless connectivity and re-connect (In theory, ending the roaming connection) I'm then unable to get an IP address at all for that floor of the building.

To resolve the issue, I connect to the WLC on which I was last connected to prior to disconnecting my wireless connection, remove my association and I'm then able to pick up an IP address for the floor on which I'm attempting too connect. Is there a specific piece of configuration I need in place for this, or is this normal behaivour?

WLCs are running Vers

Thanks in advance.


Re: Wireless Roaming Issue

Do you have more than one WLC? If so, how are the AP's/floors split between your WLC's? Are all the AP's in the same mobility group?


Re: Wireless Roaming Issue

That is working as designed. Basically you could look at this as layer-3 roaming. Until the client entry is deleted from the controller either manually or with by the idle timeout it will receive the same IP.

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Re: Wireless Roaming Issue

We have 4 WLCs, with the Access Points spread across the 4 Controllers. All the devices are in the same mobility group.

I'm confident the roaming aspect is working, as I can pass between floors keeping my IP connection.

With regards the client timeout - Is this related to the 'Enable Session Timeout' value within the WLAN config?

This is currently set to 1800 seconds (default setting) would there be any negative impact if I dropped this down a little?

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