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This is my first environment to be in where we have a good size wireless network...about 150 users. We were having issues with people dropping alot so we've moved some AP's around, adjusted some settings on the WLC and it seems to have stabilized the network a lot. My question is what type of stability do you guys see in your medium to large wireless deployments?? Do users never you get one person that drops a day out of 100 users?? I'm trying to get a baseline for us to provide an SLA to the business side.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Wireless SLA

I've worked in two different Wireless LAN environment: One that did a site survey and the other that didn't.

Most of the time, when someone "drops" in and out of the wireless it's because they lost signal. And a few rare moments is when they step into the lift.

In the first site (with a site survey), people drop out because they lost signal when they go into an elevator or when they step out the building.

In the second site, people drop out because the AP's were not properly deployed to provide adequate wireless coverage.

I'm not going to delve into the problems caused by incorrect Authentication.

Did you have a site survey conducted before and after the AP's were installed?


Re: Wireless SLA


I came to work here right at the install time for the AP's...cables had been pulled etc.. There was no site survey done and being new to large wireless deployments I did not know the importance as well. I'll ask for the $$$ to get a survey done.


Re: Wireless SLA

A true survey has come and gone. What you need to do now is a post deployment assessment of the WLAN. I would suggest whoever you get to do it have lots of experience and the proper tools. We use a combination of 4-5 tools. Airmagnet Survey Pro w/Planner Mod, Airmagnet Analyzer, Cisco Spectrum Expert, WireShark, and Netstumbler. We survey about 5 million square feet per month so don't let guys with little or no experience do this for you. If you have questions about the process feel free to contact me a

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