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Wireless Upgrade - - Need Help

I originally posted this in the "Getting started with Wireless" and didn't get any responses. Thanks for the help in advance.

I have a few questions. We currently have two buildings that are about 1.5 miles apart and are currently connected with two Aironet BR500E bridges. We are planning to upgrade these (as they are only 11mbps) with two Cisco 1310 Bridges.

Here come the questions. I have replaced the Aironets with the Cisco's and they worked great for about 15 minutes... Then nothing. I couldn't get them to come back up so I took them out and put the Aironet BR500E's back in. This connection is using two directional antenna's (not sure on gain--as they are hard to get to)

I have the Cisco's now back at my desk and I can get hem to talk fine by attaching a small omni-directional antenna to them. So, are the directional antenna's my problem? The aironet's work fine with them.

Another thing. On the Cisco's I am using local MAC authentication between the bridges and that works fine. But as soon as I turn on TKIP as cipher and add WPA and a passkey to the SSID they quit talking and will not reassociate. If I turn off the WPA they immediately reassociate. Any thoughts on this?

So, to recap.

1. Aironet BR500E's working fine.

2. When replaced with 1310's the connection works for about 10 minutes and then dies.

3. With MAC authentication everything is good. When TKIP cipher is turned on with WPA they quit talking. This is at my desk with small omni directional antennas... they will stay conneceted for day's...

Also, I don't know that TKIP with WPA is the best option, but we don't have any RADIUS servers or anything else running to authenticate against... this is why I chose the WPA and TKIP.

Thanks in advance for the helpl and I can post config's if they are needed.




Re: Wireless Upgrade - - Need Help

Follow the steps given in the following url to enable Cipher Suites and WEP

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