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Wireless with Antenna Extender Two Questions....

Just wondering by purchasing the Cisco AIR-ANT2506 Omni-Directional Mast Mount antenna does this send and receive?

Basically I want to hook up the antenna to my wireless router and put the Antenna outside my house to extend the range and so I can access computers roughly 450 feet from my house. At the other house (450 feet away), there would be a PCI Wireless NIC. I'm just wondering if I would need another Access Point + Antenna or would the one antenna work with that network card 450 feet away?

New Member

Re: Wireless with Antenna Extender Two Questions....

You can go that far with two 340 series radios and two 2506 antennas - if there are no obstructions - but I would skip the omnis and use patch antennas or small Yagis. The higher gain antennas will also comp-ensate for the signal loss over the coax cable.

Figure in about $90-120 for each end including mounts, cable and the antennas (assuming about 10' of coax). Call if you need help getting the right parts.

Matthew Wheeler

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