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Wireless WLC design

Hello everybody,

I have to ask some easy questions about Wireless WLC implementations.

I want to deply a WIFI network with 3 WLANS/VLANs + 1 wired-only VLAN for management purpouse. The access-point and the WLC should be connected to a non cisco layer 3 network.

1) the WLC shuold be connected to the network by a trunk, is the best choiche to configure a trunk with no active native vlan?

2) for each VLAN do I have to configure a Virtual interface on layer 3 switch? (why do I have to configure an address for each dinamic port on WLC)

3) in the management vlan am I forced to use DHCP to address the access-point or can I address them manually?

4) the access-point should be connected to a trunk port on the network (in this case do I have to use native vlan for the management vlan?) or does the access-point need to be connected on an access port? (in this case the vlan should be equal to the management vlan?)

5) do I mandatory need to address the wifi clients such as laptops by DHCP or can I address them manually?

last) for a complete workign solution without any optional service is it enough the WLC to optimally plan radio cell channels?

I thank you very much, I didn't clearly understand WLC working.


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Re: Wireless WLC design


I can answer some of your questions,

1. You are correct the WLC should be connected by a trunk, it depends on whether you have a native vlan configured on your network.

2. In the Setup i am using, i need a dynamic interface configured in the various vlans to terminate the LWAPP tunnel for that vlan and for the clients to get the correct IP address assigned via DHCP.

3. With the management interface you can use either method.

4. It depends on whether all the vlans are going to be advertised on each AP. We have multiple sites and each site uses a different valn for laptops, but the same subnet for scanners.

5. Clients can be DHCP or manual

The WLC will plan coverage, but ideally you should complete a site survey to work out the best coverage.

Hope this helps! If so, please rate.

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Re: Wireless WLC design

Hi Thank you very much walsh, you are very helpful.

You ansered to all my question clearly I only need to know now:

2) do I have to configure a virtual layer 3 interface for each vlan in the core layer 3 switch of my wired network?

4)suppos that I want all vlan advertised by all access-points, do i have to connect ap on trunk ports or on access-ports? ( i have 3 wlan/vlan)

5) suppose I choose the right number of access-points and plced them on the right palces, does the wlc work autonomously to choose the right RF channels or do I have to chose them?

Thank you very much


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Re: Wireless WLC design

2. Yes as that switch will route the traffic to each vlan.

4. I don't believe you do, each vlan is advertised by a different WLAN (SSID) and the LWAPP tunnel is terminated by the WLC. On the site i have deployed the WLC, the APs are not connected to trunk ports on the switch.

5. The WLC will do that for you.


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Re: Wireless WLC design

Very kind of you, I'll ask for the last question as you answered very clearly.

If I did understand well each access-point will spread its wlans by the ssid, then a tunnel will carry all the traffic to the WLC which will forward the packet to the right wired vlan.

The only traffic between the wired port of the access-point and the WLC will be between the management IP address of the AP and the AP-manager IP address of the wlc, is it right?

Your help is very usefull



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