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Wirless AP and Router

guys just wanted to know whats the main difference between....wirless router and wirless access dlink which u get for 100$ and cisco aironet........plz help


Re: Wirless AP and Router

The wireless router -dlink a cable/dsl router with an AP stuck to it. There are not many settings you can play with like power levels etc. This is what you get grandma so she has a firewall and NAT capability to keep some of the bastages, and also an AP so she can use her new laptop she got for christmas because you love her so much.

A Cisco or other enterprise device is exactly that. Designed to work in an enterprise. It has bells and whistles you haven't even thought of.

Although this link:

is for a third party firmware that allows dlink et. al. to have very good capabilities they didn't come with...

I cannot attest to it but many good friends swear by it for their personal use.

Re: Wirless AP and Router

a wireless router has the capabilities to perform the basic routing capabilities, while typically its a home user type of equipment... Cisco does provide a line of such devices for SOHO.

An access point is simply that, it only has the AP features and capabilities...

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