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WISM at headquarters and 1121G's at WAN sites (T-1)

I have approximatley 100 1121G aps that were autonomous and coverted to lightweight on my LAN with various wlans. I have 13 WAN sites that are connected T-1 with about 20 1121G's currently in autonomous mode. Can I convert those aps to lightweight and configure them from my controller at headquarters? Its my understanding the AP-1121G-A-K9 is not REAP or H-REAP compatible. If it is possible, is it acceptable that the wlan would associate to the same interface or is that bad design?

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Re: WISM at headquarters and 1121G's at WAN sites (T-1)

If you are asking if you can map your WLAN to your remote VLAN, that will probably not work, because the traffic from clients is encapsulated in IP Ethertype frame and forwarded to your controller. Your controller, in turn will forward it out of the proper subinterface depending on its destination. So either way you will double the traffic without using H-REAP LAPs.

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Re: WISM at headquarters and 1121G's at WAN sites (T-1)

I appreciate your response. Let me clarify the design to see if we are on same page. The WAN wired LAN network would be lets say 10.1.1.x /24. I would configure lets say a couple local networks on the 6509/720 (headquarters) and create interfaces and associate them to a particular wlans with groups and wlan override. Lets say those two networks are 172.16.1.x /24 (EAP-FAST) and 172.16.2.x /24 (WPA-PSK). So at the WAN site there is an EAP-FAST client. They would authenticate/dhcp and get a ip. At another WAN site, same setup with lightweight ap. Client gets a ip. Is all of this feasible and legitimate design?


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Re: WISM at headquarters and 1121G's at WAN sites (T-1)

The first issue I see it that you have T1's. This might not get you enough bandwidth to keep the AP's joined to the wlc....

Also, all the traffic will need to get tunneled back to the central site which means, you need to create a subnet centrally where the remote users will get an ip from and then you need to have a route fot them to get back to the remote site. So if users at the remote site access most of their data there, then it isn't a good idea. Your best bet is to replace the ap's to LAP's that you can set to H-REAP.

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Re: WISM at headquarters and 1121G's at WAN sites (T-1)

Got it. Based on that I think I am going to do router on a stick so I can have different vlans and then trunk to the autonomous ap and maybe look at replacing them with H-REAP compatible aps down the road. Thanks for input.

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