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WiSM - Branch office AP's

We are building a new site and we are planning on installing a WiSM at the main site. We also have 9 Branch offices that are connected via CSME (OPTEMAN) on 2821 routers at speeds ranging 10mb - 100mb. Question: Can the WiSM control AP's at the branch office or do I need to purchase a WLAN controller module for the 2821's? If the CSME circuit goes down the site loses the wired connection so wireless connectivity doesn't matter if the circuit is down.

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Re: WiSM - Branch office AP's

It can...I have a site connected with a 1.544Mbps link with 2 access point.

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Re: WiSM - Branch office AP's

You have 3 options:

1- Local APs (Any model), the traffic would all go back to the WiSM, or

2- REAP APs (1030 only) - users are authenticated back at the controller, but the traffic stays local to the branch office.

3- Hybrid REAP (11xx/12xx models) - Traffic can be bridged locally or brought back on a per-WLAN basis (best of both worlds).

In any remote scenario though, latency is a bigger issue than bandwidth -- make sure that the link is not more than 100ms, as otherwise there may be authentication issues.

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