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WiSM controllers reload scheduler???


WiSM controllers 4.1.185

Is there any way to schedule a WiSM controller's upgrade? We would like to upgrade our WiSM controllers from to through some kind of scheduler. We could download the new image to the WiSM blades the day before, but we would like to schedule a controller reload for some time around 5 in the morning. We are aware that the APs will download a new image and it would take a bit for them to be operational, but we have enough time before production hours.

Through Ciscoworks we could schedule a module reset which will bring the new image to active (we would set the primary image load value ahead of time), but we would like something a bit more gracious. I haven't been able to find anything under ciscoworks or WCS where one could schedule a controller reload.

Perhaps there is a CLI command on WCS that I could cron.

Any ideas are appreciated.


Jorge Jiles

New Member

Re: WiSM controllers reload scheduler???

unfortunately, this can't be done today (scheduling a reboot) on the WLC. What you could do, is to:

1. upload the new image to WLC (as you mention)

2. write an expect script (very simple)

3. schedule the script to run at the desired time

New Member

Re: WiSM controllers reload scheduler???

We have used expect scripting in the pass, but for security reason we stopped. In any case, in the script what would the command be to reload a wireless controller from a WiSM blade??? I could reload the blade, but I can do this from Ciscoworks as well.



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Re: WiSM controllers reload scheduler???

how about the "reset system" command?

(WiSM-slot1-2) >reset ?

system Reset the switch.

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Re: WiSM controllers reload scheduler???

of course!

Thanks for the information

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