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WISM default group wlan missing

We have running 2 WISMs with Software

5 diffrent wlans are used......

all wlans were working well.

Now really over night, one wlan was gone away from the default group!

So no ap was able to propagate the wlan anymore. The interface was ok, the wlan was ok....

i must delete the wlan and configure it new. After that the wlan was again in the default group.

So how it can happen that a wlan in default group goes lost????? It happens on all 4 wlcs in that two wisms....

Maybe someone have an idea?

New Member

Re: WISM default group wlan missing

What do the logs suggest, did someone make any changes to the wism?

New Member

Re: WISM default group wlan missing changes....

and in the default group you can not delete or add a wlan as an admin....(i tried on console and on WEB iNterface...not possible)

it works automaticaly when you are creating an new it is very strange that one wlan could go away....

because the wlan still exits

By the we know that the Problem is happen in 4 diffrent lokations with diffrent wisms at nearly at the same time with diffrent wlans....

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Re: WISM default group wlan missing

I kind of saw this same issue but it appeared to be a bug with the wireless-lan override option. Some AP's were no propagating the correct SSID's. Do you have the Wireless-lan override option turned on.

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Re: WISM default group wlan missing

we found out....

it is WCS BUG CSCsy57509

WCS delete what it's shuld not delete :-(

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