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WiSM - Managing AP's at remote sites

A quick wireless newbie question - I'm trying to sort out the design details using a WiSM. I have a new site and have budgeted a pair of 6513's with WiSM's. There are 9 branch offices that are going to be connected via 2821 routers over CSME and they need to provide Guest and Private wireless access. Do the remote sites need a WLAN controller module for the 2800? Or, can they still tunnel back to the WiSM for central management? What components are needed to achive "unified" wireless at the branch offices?




Re: WiSM - Managing AP's at remote sites

you can centrally contorl your LAP's from the WiSM. You can even use regualer LAP at those sites if you wish. The one problem that you can run into, is if the WAN drops, you will lose wireless at those sites. The way to get around that is to get LAP that support REAP/HREAP, and run them in local switching mode. This will allow the wireless to stay up, if the WAN drops, for local subnets only. Obviously any subnet that is across the WAN is unaccesable.

If you keep them in centralized switching mode, everything tunnels back to the controller, both corporate WLAN's and the guest, will go down if the WAN drops.

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