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WiSM Port Channels

Maybe I just got up too early this morning -

I have a CAT6506 with WiSM 12.2(18)SXF5

I put the WiSM in the chassis and it auto created Port Channels 293 & 294, but I can't configure them. This is my first time dealing with Auto Port Channel creation.

>config int port ?

<1-256> Port-channel interface number

This shows it only goes up to port # 256 so how can it create ports 293/294?

I created two new Port Channels, but can't seem to get the WiSM to use them.

Can't seem to delete Port Channels 293, 294 either.

Going for more coffee, that always seems to help, right?

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Re: WiSM Port Channels

Yeah, this was added with 12.2(18)SXF5 for the SUP720 where we'd use the reserved port channel pool (that's why it's 293 and 294) to automatically facilitate the WiSM -it's called Auto-LAG. You can chose to ignore it and configure it manually, as well.

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Re: WiSM Port Channels

Before I realized it auto created ports 293/294, I setup Port-Channel 1 & 2 and then on the GigE interfaces I turned channel-mode on for both port-channels and their respective GigE ports.

After more configs, saving and reloading the switch, I issued and that's when I noticed Port-Channel 1 & 2 were now down and 293/294 up. Looking at the GigE interfaces, was replaced with

In this case using 293/294 is fine...but if I wanted to manually set different port channels, how do you do that?

I messed with this more and no matter what I tried, the always showed the auto-created port number (293/294).

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Re: WiSM Port Channels

just remove the existing ones (created from auto-lag) and you could use anything you'd like. I believe you'll have to use the 'no wism...' command but i don't have one in front of me to confirm :)


Re: WiSM Port Channels

We just ignore the port channels 293/294 and manually created our own port channels 192/193. Everything works fine.

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